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I describe myself as a photographer for no other reason than I take photographs and the fact that social media likes you to place you in a category, however clunky the fit. It probably helps with the old algorithms. Well I am nothing if not prolific, but I make no claims about their merit in terms of quality. It is certainly not my intention to compete with the stunning images I see every day on Instagram and other platforms.  Mine have all been taken using an iPhone, although for some I have also used an adaptor to attach my telescope. Those included in this gallery are simply a representative sample of the much larger number that can be found online on Instagram and Facebook. They represent the way that I see the world around me and effectively having a camera with me at all times lends a spontaneity to that record.  I hope you derive as much enjoyment from them as I have in their collation.

All Photographs taken by Jon Mason ©

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A person’s natural inclination with regard to the timing of their sleep

gallery daisy.jpeg
hare - gallery.jpeg
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gallery love heart .jpeg
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ladybirds - gallery.jpeg
old mans beard - gallery.jpeg
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yellow flower gallery .jpeg
frog -gallery.jpeg
catapillar - gallery.jpeg
goat - gallery.jpeg
karl marx gravestone gallery.jpeg
red gallery.jpeg
lobster and dad - gallery.jpeg
snowy pompoms - gallery.jpeg
gallery blueberry.jpeg
wild carrot gallery.jpeg
wild carrot gallery .jpeg
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Emotional distress caused by environmental damage or change

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