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It will have become fairly apparent to anybody who knows me - and through social media or this website, many who don’t - that I love words. I love to talk. In many respects it’s what I've done for a living over almost four decades. I love to read: my collection of books extends to several thousand and many are as important to me as old friends. I love to write. In a sense giving physical form and visibility to ideas that incubate and grow and eventually coalesce into a consistent perspective or point of view. And above all, I love photographs, images that possess so many hidden words that speak as much about their creator as the subject. For me personally, this website is an intellectual stepping stone. It is very much an opportunity to tie together various strands of creativity, plucked from the turbulence of social media, and distill them into a single entity that will eventually become a book. This is a moment, if you like, for me to gather my thoughts in one place. Whatever it is for you, I hope you enjoy it.

Jon Mason

Naturalist and geography teacher

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‘I will wear my heart upon my sleeve, For daws to peck at.’

Othello, (Act I, Scene I, lines 64-65), William Shakespeare 

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